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Save the Rhino - synergy in action

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

In a surprising twist of fate, less than a week after the London Marathon, I found myself amidst the team at Save the Rhino, they'd requested I conduct an energy performance assessment of their offices. It was incredible to witness one of their famous running rigs up close and personal - a true testament to the gutsy spirit of the forty or so volunteers who donned these for the grueling 26.21 miles race to raise awareness and funds for rhino conservation. I'd often seen them on TV and indeed when I ran the marathon (more years ago than I care to remember) but the scale and weight are quite literally breathtaking.

The tour through Save the Rhino's premises revealed more than just the usual structural and energy systems dynamics; it unveiled an obvious dedication towards conserving the majestic rhinoceros but harmoniously intertwined with a conscious effort towards sustainable operations. As a provider of Commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) and /or Non-Domestic EPC services in London, it was enlightening to see how organizations like Save the Rhino incorporate sustainability into their core values, "If we're saving there then why not here?" as they put it, quite right!

Our assessment aimed at gauging the energy efficiency of their workspace, a critical aspect ensuring they operate in an eco-friendly manner, aligning with their broader conservation goals. The insights gained from this assessment not only serve as a pathway towards enhanced energy efficiency but also mirrors Haptic EPC’s mission of promoting sustainability in the built environment.

This experience underscored the profound impact a dedicated team can have on global conservation efforts, all while operating within a framework of sustainability. It's encounters like these that enrich our journey at Haptic EPC, propelling us further towards our goal of fostering a greener, energy-efficient London.

Save The Rhino marathon runing rig


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