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About Us

Transforming London's commercial space, one property at a time

Haptic EPC has a simple mission statement: to specialise in the environmental improvement of commercial property and to do it really really well. We are London-centric but by no means anchored to it, we have completed projects across the UK and relish a challenge, the more unusual the better. We fundamentally differ from our competitors on a number of levels but most crucially for you, the customer, is the fact that we act as advocates for your building.

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Our Story

With a combined total of more than 20 years in London's commercial property market we had covered every conceivable role in fit out & sustainability when we spotted a hitherto poorly serviced gap in the market - that of the Energy Performance Certificate.


We looked at EPC providers in London and they seemed to be largely anonymous lone assessors who were not offering the professional, personal and insightful service that we saw was in clear demand. Other competitors offering nationwide service turned out to just be aggregate websites that farmed out work to any old assessor with a shocking lack of accountability and care.

Guess what? - They still are.


We could see the direction the regulatory winds were blowing and subsequently Haptic EPC was launched in 2022 and we haven't looked back since. We recently added Level 5 EPCs, BREEAM, WELL and Domestic certifications to our repertoire with more services in the pipeline.

We remain passionately committed to the lowering of emissions from the built environment, the improvement of London's commercial building stock as well as raising awareness within the property industry and are actively pursuing B Corp status.

Meet The Team

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