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Advisory Services


With over two decades of experience in the office fit-out & energy assessments sectors, we are uniquely positioned to offer detailed guidance to transform your buildings in London into flagship energy-efficient workplaces of the future.  


The market is awash with a dizzying array of companies clamouring to provide services to the building owners, ranging from commercial agents to air-conditioning specialists. Leverage our extensive real-world experience, we can cut through the noise and give you our insight into what can often be a 'closed shop' of insider knowledge.

Scope of advice

From providing invaluable insights on sourcing trustworthy contractors to developing comprehensive multi-asset portfolio strategies, when it comes to anything related to 'London' and 'Property,' we pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge. Should we encounter an area beyond our expertise, we have a network of specialists to turn to.

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Our Expertise Encompasses:

Securing EPC results

We offer market leading Energy Performance Certificate assessments for commercial buildings of all types across the Capital and beyond. We offer free consultations for any property owner unsure of their EPC status or legal obligations as well as pre and post refurbishment assessments if specific ratings are required.

Specialist EPC Services

In addition to our standard EPC surveys we offer a full spectrum of further advice on

BREEAM ratings and certification

We offer full BREEAM rating services through all stages of planning & construction.

WELL certification

We offer full WELL assessments for your workplace.

Renewable energy systems

We can enhance your vision for reducing your buildings emissions and your energy overheads by providing full specification, installation placement and contractor short-listing for Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, Solar Hot water arrays, turbines, ground source systems amongst others.

General fit-out and mechanical & electrical installation

Having worked extensively with the fit-out industry we are well placed to advise on suitable companies to undertake refurbishments with from either a design & build or traditional approaches. We often work hand in hand with fit-out companies to ensure that the results of pre-refurbishment EPC assessments are fulfilled and reflected in post-refurbishment EPC results. This process often focuses on the Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) components which exist 'behind the scenes' of commercial spaces.

Commercial Property Agents

We have developed and nurtured a broad church of London's commercial property agents over many years. They represent either landlords or tenants and we are well placed to advise on who may be best placed to assist with your specific building in your exact area.

Project Management

Complex multi-faceted projects require expert management and we have a roster of London's most accomplished to hand. They keep all the moving parts fluid and ensure delivery on time and on budget.

Asset Management

We've worked alongside many of London's top asset management companies and can advise landlords who need to delegate some or all of their day-to-day portfolio headaches.

Contact Haptic today

It costs nothing to have a conversation and explore options, as you can see whilst we offer the best EPC service for commercial buildings in London our depth of expertise runs far deeper and we can, if needed, provide full turn-key building solutions. Call or email us today.


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