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BREEAM Assessment
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The Logo of BREEAM

What is BREEAM

BREEAM, stands for the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is a leading sustainability assessment methodology for master planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings worldwide. It's a science-based validation and certification system that has been aiding in improving asset performance at every stage - from design and construction to usage and refurbishment - since its inception in 1990​​.


BREEAM assessments are a mandatory part of planning requirements for every local authority in London and many more across the country. For example the City of London states:


"The assessments should aim to achieve BREEAM “Excellent” or “Outstanding” and should demonstrate sustainability in aspects which are of particular significance in the City's high density urban environment, particularly the categories Energy, Water, Pollution and Materials."

Why BREEAM is important in London

The BREEAM Framework & Benefits

The BREEAM assessment employs recognised measures of performance, set against established benchmarks, to evaluate a building's specification, design, construction, and use. The measures represent a wide range of categories and criteria, focusing on influential factors like reduced carbon emissions, low impact design, adaptation to climate change, ecological value, and biodiversity protection.


Implementing sustainability measures at the earliest possible stage using the BREEAM framework can lead to reduced lifecycle costs and increased asset value (rental premium uplifts of between 3.7 and 12.3% have been estimated by Knight Frank), enhancing the building user experience, corporate image, and fulfilling ESG requirements​​.

BREEAM Objectives & Methodology

BREEAM aims to measure the sustainability performance of buildings, ensuring projects meet sustainability goals and continue to perform optimally over time. The methodology provides a broad perspective, covering nine environmental and sustainable aspects:

  • Energy

  • Land use and ecology

  • Transport

  • Waste

  • Pollution

  • Water

  • Materials

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Management

Types of BREEAM assessment

Each of the above factors is measured and given weighted scores depending on which type of BREEAM assessment is being conducted:

  • Communities

  • Infrastructure

  • New Construction

  • In-use

  • Refurbishment & Fit-out

BREEAM Ratings / Classifications

BREEAM ratings reflect the performance achieved by a project and its stakeholders, measured against the BREEAM standard and benchmarks. The ratings range as follows:

BREEAM Outstanding (>85%)

BREEAM Excellent (>70%)

BREEAM Very Good (>55%)

BREEAM Good (>45%)

BREEAM Acceptable (In-Use scheme only) to Pass (>30%)

BREEAM Unclassified (<30%)

they are reflected in a series of (up to 5) stars on the BREEAM certificate as illustrated above. This rating system enables comparability between projects and provides assurance on performance, quality, and asset​​ value.

Global Reach Beyond London

BREEAM's third-party certified standards have been adopted globally with millions of buildings across the world registered to work towards BREEAM's holistic approach to achieve ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), health, and net zero goals. It is owned by BRE – a profit-for-purpose organization with over 100 years of building science and research background​​.


BREEAM, launched in 1990, is the world's longest-established green building certification system, making it a reputable and reliable methodology for assessing, rating, and certifying a building's environmental sustainability, particularly in the UK where it is the methodology of choice​​.

BREEAM in a nutshell

BREEAM is a comprehensive tool that encompasses a wide array of sustainability aspects, promoting a more sustainable built environment. Its systematic approach towards evaluating and improving the environmental performance of buildings makes it a vital tool for stakeholders aiming to adhere to sustainability principles in their projects.


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