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Same day EPC surveys

When you need an EPC in a hurry...

Commercial property deals can often require lengthy negotiations and consideration and often move at a snail's pace for months until all the factors are aligned and then suddenly reach a crescendo of paperwork and hard deadlines. It's often in this tense and stressful moment when a lawyer asks:

"you do have a valid EPC for the property -don't you?"

We known this because once or twice a month we receive a call from a desperate landlord or asset manager telling us that their deal, often worth huge amounts of money, is hanging in the balance for want of this essential piece of paperwork. Sometimes the EPC has simply expired without anyone noticing, sometimes the property has never had an EPC and once in a blue moon it's because it has a current, but failed EPC (Lower than band 'E').

How it works

To stand any chance of success it is vital that you call us on 0208 468 7583 as soon as you realise there is an urgent requirement. We will assess the situation and come to an agreement then divert substantial resource to getting to your premises for the physical site survey as soon as possible. Following the survey we will return to base and expedite the data analysis aiming to have the EPC ready before the agreed deadline.

Benefits of the same day EPC service

The same day service has all the same benefits of any of our regular EPC surveys namely:

  • Efficiency, accuracy and (most importantly for your deal) legal compliance.

  • A dedicated highly qualified, experienced & insured assessor.

  • Ongoing advice and assistance if required.

Same Day FAQs

We would give you frequently answered questions but you may understandably be in a rush - instead here are some frequent answers / restrictions:

  • It would be impossible to perform a Level 5 EPC on a same day basis.

  • For best results your property is in London or Greater London, the further outside the M25 your building is the less likely it is to be possible (although we have managed a same day survey near Brighton).

  • We are also able to offer domestic EPCs in London on a same-day basis.

  • We can survey out-of-hours and at weekends if required.

  • Our current record time from phonecall to EPC being issued stands at 3 hours!

  • If in doubt - ask us, we haven't let anyone down yet.

Same day EPC Testimonials & Case Studies

Same Day EPCs

Useful resources

A good place to start is the UK Government EPC Portal to check the status of your EPC. You can also read our handy guide to navigating the government site here.

In an emergency - call 0208 468 7583

Haptic EPC Ltd. 21-27 Lamb's Conduit Street, London, England WC1N 3GS.

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