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Find an energy certificate on the commercial epc register

Updated: Feb 27

A person searching for energy certificates

A step-by-step guide to finding an EPC by postcode

Given the ever-growing regulatory importance of energy performance certificates for both commercial and domestic properties it can be of the utmost importance that a landlord can find an energy certificate and produce it upon request - particularly if they are in the process of selling or leasing their premises. We are frequently contacted by landlords in the middle of a property deal and who have been caught out, luckily we're able to help more often than not. What then for the landlord who is sure they have a certificate but just don't know what they've done with it?

Luckily for most, EPCs remain valid for 10 years and ultimately the responsibility for keeping records of which properties have and have not got a valid certificate lies with the government and its on their portal (AKA the energy performance certificate register) that the following steps can be taken:-

To reach the Commercial EPC Certificate Register go to the

Government Portal and you'll be presented with the following screen:-

Step 1 in finding an energy certificate

2. Click on the green 'Start now' button and the following screen appears:-

Step 2 in finding an energy certificate

3. Click the button for domestic or non-domestic certificates, whichever is applicable and the following screen appears:-

Step 3 in finding an energy certificate

4. Enter your property's postcode in the box provided and the following screen will appear listing all properties in that postcode with valid certificates - and sometimes expired ones (highlighted clearly in red). In our example we've used the postcode for the world famous Liberty department store in London's West End.

Step 4 in finding an energy certificate

5. Locate your property and click the link called CEPC (Current Energy Performance Certificate). If you click the link called CEPC-RR you will get the accompanying Recommendations Report for that premises. The EPC should then appear.

Step 5 in finding an energy certificate. The EPC itself.

Top Tip: You can now choose to print the EPC by clicking the the link shown on the bottom left labelled 'print' however should you require a digital copy to email you can select 'save to pdf' under the 'destination' options on your print screen and this will save a copy of your energy performance certificate to the downloads file on your PC.

Your EPC can now be read - remember that if it's a commercial property and below an 'E' rating you will likely be required to make improvements to the property before a sale or lease can lawfully be completed.

Should you have any difficulties with this or have any other queries concerning energy certificates please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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