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Commercial EPC Central London Case Study

Art Deco Offices

4 Northington Street, London WC1N 2JG, UK


Northington Street, WC1N

Property Description

Not only is it a stunning example of a 1930s Art Deco commercial building but also a good case study of our advisory service. In this instance the landlord has requested that we survey two floors of his space in the building for non-lodged EPCs (i.e. the result not being formally lodged with the Government portal immediately) this allowed for improvements to take place guided by the recommendations report and an in-depth study in conjunction with JAW Sustainability. We subsequently returned post-works and ensured that the recommendations had been followed allowing for a new, formal EPC with a higher rating. If you have a building and want regulatory peace of mind until beyond 2030 get in touch.

Do You have a similar building in Central London in need of an in-depth commercial EPC? or perhaps you'd prefer the flexibility of a non-lodged EPC as outlined above. Maybe you're considering selling or letting the space. Perhaps you'd just like some energy efficiency advice with a view to refurbishing the space and reap the rewards of lower bills in the coming year, do please get in touch today.

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Property Details

Property Type



3,300 sqft

Property Location

4 Northington Street, London WC1N 2JG, UK

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