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Commercial EPC Old Street East London Case Study

Multi-floorplate EPCs

130 City Road, London, UK

EPC B x 6

130 City Road, EC1

Property Description

130 City Road came to us through its asset manager, they were conducting an in-depth study of the building in conjunction with a fit-out company to establish if each individual floorplate could obtain an EPC 'B' rating (part of a wider policy across all of their properties). Similar 'backstopping' tactics are growing in popularity amongst large portfolio owners weary of future EPC regulation changes as we outlined in this blog post. We are pleased to say that following a granular series of surveys that the building did indeed obtain the desired 'B' ratings on each of its seven floors and didn't require an extensive mechanical & electrical refurbishment as had been feared. The extensive involvement of third-parties delayed the date of certification far beyond our regular turnaround time but this was anticipated from the outset.

Do You have a similar commercial building in East London in need of an in-depth non-domestic EPC? Maybe you're considering selling or letting the space. Perhaps you'd just like some energy efficiency advice with a view to refurbishing the space and reap the rewards of lower bills in the coming years, do please don't hesitate to get in touch today.

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Property Details

Property Type



15,500 sqft

Property Location

130 City Road, London, UK

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