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Commercial EPC South London Case Study

Grantham Surgery

Beckett House Practice, Grantham Road, London, UK


Medical practice SW9

Property Description

The Grantham surgey proved to be a challenging survey to conduct, as ever we strive to pose a minimum of disruption to staff and users of any space we investigate but this required an extra level of tact as we juggled the neccessity to make visual confirmations of the building and its systems with patient confidentiality and the obvious need for privacy. We were assisted in this by the formidible and friendly practice management who ensured that we had the maximum of access to all neccessary areas. It was delightful seeing this family medical practice flourish as it has on this site since 1970 and reassuring that they were keen to optimise their energy efficiencyas much as possible.

Do You have a similar medical surgery in South London in need of an in-depth non-domestic EPC? Maybe you're considering selling or letting the space. Perhaps you'd just like some energy efficiency advice with a view to refurbishing the space and reap the rewards of lower bills in the coming year, do please get in touch today.

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21-27 Lamb's Conduit St, London WC1N 3GS
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Property Details

Property Type



7,300 sqft

Property Location

Beckett House Practice, Grantham Road, London, UK

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