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Commercial EPC South London Case Study

Mammoth Industrial site

669A Woolwich Rd, London SE7 8SL, UK


Stone Foundries, Charlton

Property Description

Certainly our largest assignment to date - the owners of this industrial estate were particularly concerned about three buildings in their portfolio which following the April 2023 MEES changes could no longer be legally let, one of which was up for a lease renewal.

The project ran as a joint venture between Haptic and our colleagues at JAW Sustainability. At the time of writing two of the three properties are now lettable (one having undertaken a lease renewal) whilst retrofit works on the third continue. A video case study is available here.

Do You have a similar large industrial building in South London in need of an in-depth non-domestic EPC? Maybe you're considering selling or letting the space. Perhaps you'd just like some energy efficiency advice with a view to refurbishing the space and reap the rewards of lower bills in the coming year, do please get in touch today.

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Property Details

Property Type



189,000 sqft

Property Location

669A Woolwich Rd, London SE7 8SL, UK

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