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Office Fit Out

Targeted insight to achieve specific EPC results

With over a decade of prior experience in the London office fit out industry it was a natural progression to combine our expertise in energy performance with the process of refurbishing commercial buildings. From our earliest surveys landlords and tenants alike began to request how they could achieve specific EPC results for their spaces in light of future regulatory changes and in order to make savings on their standing overheads. Whilst EPCs do of course already come with computer generated recommendations for energy savings they often lack nuance and a real world understanding of the building in question. 

The evolution of non-lodged EPCs

As there is no specific requirement for assessors to lodge an EPC it soon became clear that property owners were commissioning them as an advisory tool - a dress rehearsal for what their building would hypothetically score. This naturally lent itself to the next obvious question from the landlord:

"What do we need to do to get a better EPC score?"

We have gone on to refine the process summarised by this flowchart:

Targeted EPC Results Flowchart.jpg

Our EPC-ready fit out partners

Whilst we can work with any fit out company we have a raft of experienced companies that we have worked with previously XXXXX

Bolt-on service

Compared to a level 3 or 4 EPC the level of accuracy a Level 5 EPC provides means that for the majority of buildings a substantial uplift in EPC score will be seen. It is also entirely possible to have a level 3 or 4 assessment made using the DSM software as again the accuracy often leads to a better EPC result and many landlords seeking the highest possible rating for their asset elect to do so. As the commercial property market moves in an ever-greener direction and the commercial benefits become more tangible we are seeing more and more requests for this level of assessment.

how it works

From a landlord's perspective a level 5 EPC isn't enormously different from commissioning any of our other types of energy assessment but the following should be noted

  • The initial consultation & negotiation is likely to take longer.

  • Detailed graphical floorplans are critically important.

  • You should allow at least one whole day for the on-site survey.

  • The entire post-survey stage takes substantially longer due to the complexity of modelling buildings accurately. In our experience we would allow up to a calendar month, certainly several weeks, before results could be expected.

  • The cost of a level 5 EPC is reflected in the substantial team work-hours it accrues along with the increased cost of lodgement (over six times higher than a level 3 or 4 EPC).

Case Study - landlord receives massive EPC rating uplift

The video below previews the substantial EPC rating uplift we achieved for a hotel which had a failing EPC score. The full write-up can be read here.

Why Choose Haptic for your fit-out

Asset improvement
We help you realise as much lettable space as possible, maximising your offering.

Built to lease
Built to lease is our pre-fitted option for landlords, providing a basic fit out ready for tenants. We work with you to determine whether a cellular or open plan will best suit your space.

Asset optimisation
We sit down with you to understand your investment strategy, optimising the asset in line with your goals and tailoring the build to support them.

Value Add
We optimise your offering by des

Contact Us today for Your guaranteed EPC

If you'd like a level 5 EPC or are unsure if you are required to have one or indeed would simply like to discuss energy assessments in general please don't hesitate to contact us.

Future-proof your building 

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